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Affidavit of Support to Sponsor a U.S. Visa Applicant Online

Complete Form I-131 in a few easy steps

Affirmation of Support I-864 is utilized to support family-based foreigners and business based settlers. It guarantees that the visa candidate has sufficient methods for monetary help and is probably not going to turn into a public charge to the U.S. government.

Form I-134: Sponsor a visiting non-U.S. citizen

Structure I-134 is utilized to support an outside public entering the United States. The support should be either a U.S. resident or a legitimate lasting occupant (Green Card holder) and is needed to give verification to the USCIS that the candidate has adequate assets and won’t get subject to the U.S government monetary assets, i.e., a public charge. It is generally utilized regarding guest visas, life partner visas, variety visas, understudies, and public interest parolees. Those supporting family-based outsiders or business based foreigners who are coming to work for family members or organizations should utilize I-134 Affidavit of Support.

Following are the general instructions to submit Form I-134 correctly:

  • Provide copies of your tax returns filed with the IRS (Internal Revenue System) of the last three [3] years. In case you have not filed with the IRS or you have no such documents, a written explanation must be provided
  • In case your income is not independent and you share a household with one [1] or more family members you will also need to include their tax returns of the last three [3] years.
  • If you or other members of your family, have other means of income, then it will be required to individually complete Form I-864A.
  • Official proof of current employment or self-employment. Include any official statements such as:
    • most recent pay-slips
    • employment contract
    • employment statement, which should include: your start date, salary and duties

It is important to revise the application carefully before its submission and make sure all answers are correct and accurate. Any incomplete or deceitful applications will be rejected.

Please, include all required documentation. The USCIS will contact you, should any additional proof be deemed necessary.

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